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TCT Nanotec G6 Plus-XS Desk

TCT Nanotec G6 Plus-XS Desk

1. Suitable for age 3 and above

2. L-shaped fixed table top with an adjustable section0° ~ 50° table top tilt adjustment

3. Table height adjustment

4. Under table drawerBuilt-in lego holder/panel (Infront of drawer)

5. EU EO-V313 non-reflective, scratch resistance board

6. German-made STABILUS gas lift system

7. Table width 101cm, table depth 76cm, table height 53cm ~ 80cm

TCT Nanotec G6 Plus-XS Desk

0° ~ 50° Multi-leveled Adjustable Desktop

The tiltable tabletop can be tilted from 0° ~ 50° for various activities on desk such as writing, reading and drawing.

TCT Nanotec G6 Plus-XS Desk

Big Space for Smart Storage

It has a portable book stopper as well as a large drawer underneath the desk for storage

TCT Nanotec G6 Plus-XS Desk

Why chooses kid2youth?

TCT Nanotec BABO Chair

TCT Nanotec BABO Chair

1. Suitable for age 3 and above

2. Seat height adjustment

3. Backrest height adjustment

4. Lockable chair swivel

5. Switchable weight braking system

6. Seat depth 24cm ~ 40cm, seat height 29cm ~ 50cm

7. Backrest height 43cm

8. Maximum weight 80 KG

TCT Nanotec BABO Chair

Aircraft Quality Steel Grow With Children

1. Medium carbon steel from aviation technology is anticorrosive.

2. Recommended seat height for different body height is clearly marked

3. The lock function is built in the caster to help stablize the chair when children sit down.

TCT Nanotec BABO Chair

Adjustable Chair Back & Seat Height

How to adjust chair back?

Step1. Turn loose chair back knob.

Step2. Move chair back up/down to proper height, then fasten it tightly.

How to adjust seat height?

Step1. Turn loose seat knob and pull it outward.

Step2. Move seat up/down to proper height, then fasten it tightly.

TCT Nanotec BABO Chair

Exclusive Design for Children

We pride ourselves in


10 year warranty against gas lift system

5 year warranty against frame

1 year warranty against parts 


1. EU imported E0-V313 board, highest standard on earth for non-toxic test, non-reflection & scratch resistance.

2. Stablius German made wire-control gas lift system

3. Anticorrosive medium carbo steel from aviation technology


1. Seat size expandable

2. Backrest height adjustable

3. Seat Height adjustable

4. Caster with auto lock

5. Rotation with lock