How to Choose Kids Desks

While there may be something cute about your little one’s feet dangling from an oversized chair, the fact is kids are more comfortable and more able to focus on the work or play in front of them if they have furniture shaped to support their smaller bodies – but how do you find the right desk for your child’s unique needs? How do you make sure it’s the appropriate size?


  • Chair Height

Determine the best chair height by sitting your little boy or girl with their knees at 90 degrees and their feet flat on the floor. The distance from the floor to the bend at the back of the knees is the chair height you’ll want.

  • Desk Height

Find a desk or table to match with a top that’s 8 inches above the seat of the child’s chair. The distance will promote good posture while allowing your little one to sit naturally and remain totally relaxed as they focus on whatever task is at hand. Another option is to look for a desk that has adjustable legs. You’ll actually have a desk that grows with your child, guaranteeing a few more years’ worth of mileage.

  • Size of the Child

Children grow up quickly. A desk with a height of 36 inches may work this year but be too small the next. Keep the future in mind when browsing the selection. Check for recommended ages when shopping for a desk, too, to more quickly weed out what could work and what probably won’t.

  • Size of the Room

Yes, you’re shopping for a kid’s room, but that space can get crowded fast. Measure children’s spaces just like you would any other room in your home so you know how big you can go.


2. Material & Design

A child’s desk can be made from stained hardwood or tough-but-lightweight plastics and metals that dazzle the eye with whimsical colors. Whether you need something with few frills or something more playful depends on the child, but be sure to remember that kids often love to be their own interior decorators, rearranging their rooms on a whim. Make it easier for your little boy or girl with a kids desk or computer desk that employs caster wheels for hassle-free movement.

3. Desks for Students

Sure, kids will likely use it to check their online profiles or play games more often than not, but when you think desks, you think school, and that’s not a bad lens to gaze through when looking for the right desk for your progeny. A kindergartner will want a place for crayons (and maybe an action figure or three), while a ninth grader will demand outlets for their laptops and other gadgets. Here’s a brief rundown of different school levels and the desks that are most appropriate.