A. What is quality assurance 10+5+1?

All Kid2Youth products have been tested to meet the company's strict requirements for quality and durability under the standard of ordinary household daily life. Different components are divided into 10 years, 5 years, and 1 year.
The quality assurance and warranty period provided for each product and part is effective from the date of receipt or assembly date. We will have a specialist to activate the online warranty for you at the time of purchase. When the original purchaser resells or transfers the product, it is the end of the warranty period.
When the customer needs the warranty service, please present the original purchase invoice or the quality guarantee certificate stamped with the company's store seal, either in person or by presenting an identification document, for the warranty service to take effect. Therefore, please keep the quality assurance letter and invoice in order to enjoy the quality assurance service.

B. Quality assurance coverage

 10-year quality assurance coverage: the STABILUS air bar body used by Kid2Youth.
  5-year quality assurance coverage: the main and sub-structure bodies and hardware components used by Kid2Youth.
  The scope of the 1-year quality guarantee: the consumable structure used by Kid2Youth, such as schoolbags, desk lamps, PU wheels, feet, cloth surfaces, etc.
  (Please refer to item D and E for detailed quality assurance service agreement content)

C. Maintenance declaration

General Yu will send a message to the customer service for the FB fan group in the United States, describe the cause of the failure and attach a photo of the failure, and we will help you deal with it.
We will reply to your repair method and time required within 3 days (please refer to the quality assurance and service content).

D. Product warranty and quality assurance service content

A specialist will immediately serve you within 3 working days after the Kid2Youth US station receives the repair application.
After receiving the repair application, it will be handed over to the quality assurance department to inspect the damage to the product, and proactively contact you whether it meets the conditions of the product warranty.
If the warranty conditions are met, we will inform the repair time separately, and repair with original parts or replace with products of the same or same grade.
If the product does not meet the warranty conditions, it is determined that the damage is caused by human factors, and the general manager will take the initiative to contact and ask for the willingness to repair at the same time.
The shipping fee for repairing the product is borne by the buyer. If it is determined that the damage is not caused by human factors, the shipping fee for the return will be borne by the United States. If it is determined that the damage is caused by human factors, the shipping fee for the return will be borne by the buyer.
The product warranty does not apply to maintenance work not authorized by Kid2Youth head office.
Once the original product parts are replaced, the ownership of the original product parts shall be owned by Kid2Youth.
If Kid2Youth no longer sells the product, we will provide a suitable replacement product for you to replace it.

E. Under what conditions can't get product warranty and quality assurance

The product warranty does not cover normal wear and tear such as collision, cutting, or improper human operation, etc.
If the product is placed outdoors or in a humid environment, this product warranty is not applicable.
The product warranty does not apply to damage caused by dismantling, moving or repairing the product by yourself.
Product warranty does not apply to damage caused by natural disasters, man-made or accidental events.
Damage caused by failure to follow the operating instructions shall be regarded as human damage.
The product warranty does not apply to the surface color difference caused by time.
Exhibits and original factory specials, the purchased goods are not covered by the warranty.
The quality assurance only covers the original purchaser, and the rights and interests are not transferable.
No quality guarantee and proof of purchase (such as Invoice).
Kid2Youth reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of this quality guarantee.

F. Product use and maintenance guide

Read the operation manual and product manual in detail before operating the product.
Joint parts should be checked regularly and lubricated.
Products with pneumatic structure should be unlocked regularly and adjusted several times to maintain smoothness.
After several weeks of use, tighten the screws with professional tools in the package and check the tightness of the screws several times a year.
When using a zipper, please hold the starting point of the zipper with one hand and the zipper buckle with the other hand, and move along the direction of the zipper.
If there is a jam, please avoid pulling it forcefully, move it in the opposite direction and then move it along the zipper direction.
Do not use aggressive cleaners or rough surface items to clean any surface, please use below 40 degrees.
Wipe it with warm water and detergent, and then wipe it with a dry cloth to keep it dry (metal movable structure should be maintained with lubricant on a regular basis, do not wipe with clean water).